Summer Adventures Checklist

Last year I compiled a little list of things I wanted to do with my kids over the summer, but at the end of the season I felt like there was a lot I'd forgotten to do. This year, now that the kids will be at (somewhat) easier ages to manage, I made a more complete checklist to work from and wanted to share it in case others are looking for ideas.

I divided it into 3 categories: 1) easy adventures: my favorite because it's full of smaller things that often are easily forgotten, but often end up being some of the funnest. 2) bigger adventures: in my case this means stuff we can typically do with more planning or when my husband can come along. And lastly 3) rainy day adventures because as much as we hope it's sunny and perfect every day, there will always be some rain.

Since I'm in Springfield, MO, many of the items are specific to the area, but many are not or can be easily translated to any city. Please pass along to anyone looking for fresh ideas, and I'd love to hear additional suggestions in your comments below. If you share pics via social media feel free to use the hashtag #our2016summeradventures.

Keep scrolling for the checklist, or click here to download a PDF copy. Enjoy!