Family: Birth Week Cake Smash

This time last year I was 38 weeks pregnant and preparing to celebrate Wesley's 2nd birthday at a bounce house (have you ever seen a giant prego jump in a bounce house?! Well I won't be posting pics of that here, so your loss ;).

While I was looking forward to meeting little sister, my fingers were crossed that she didn't decide to debut on June 10, her brother's big day. Thankfully she held out until 2 days after, thus making THIS week full of excitement!

In celebration of Wes & Sylvie's birth week, we decided to do a little early cake smash party because a) who doesn't love cake and b) I knew their actual party would be busy and they'd be too excited to let me take all the pictures I wanted. This worked out perfectly because all they had to do was eat cake while I snapped away.

I'm so thankful to call these cake eaters mine!

Carter informed me this was the best day ever, and I can't say that I blame him! I made a video with Carter & Wesley's current favorite song that also has a short clip of them eating and laughing. This was such a fun day, and I can't wait to continue the celebrations. Cheers to turning 3 and 1 in the same week! 


Wesley's outfit: Shirt Crewcuts, shorts Janie & Jack. Sylvie's outfit: Headband Ruby Blue, Dress Dandylions, skirt Crazy 8. Carter's outfit: Shirt Gap, shorts Janie & Jack.