Design: Renovate Rosebriar Before & Afters

In December my dad (Home Crafters) purchased a home at 911 Rosebriar in Springfield, MO that needed some serious work. After just over 3 months, my dad and one other person completely transformed it from a neighborhood eyesore to a true gem. I was lucky enough to provide design assistance, so I got to pick the colors, finishes and final touches on much of the home while my dad made it all happen. I'm so blown away by how much they accomplished in such a short time. 

It's officially going on the market this week so I snuck over to get a few pics so I could show some good before and after comparisons. Unfortunately it was raining so I don't have exterior pics yet, but I'll create a new post with those. 

Here's a sneak peak of the front door; I'll have to add exterior shots once the weather cooperates:

Even better, here are a few direct before and after comparisons:

I've taken many more detailed pictures, so I'm thinking I'll break down a few of my favorite rooms in another post (namely the bathrooms and kitchen) and include source info.

If you know anyone looking for an adorable completely remodeled, 2-car garage home in the Springfield area, send them our way! I'll link to the listing as soon as it's live.