Reynolds Número 3

We just announced the news publicly that we're expecting baby #3 in June 2014! For the digi announcement I wanted to create something a little more unique to our family, so since Carter is REALLY in to superheroes right now, that was my next logical step.

I started by having Carter assign a superhero role to the baby (he's given the entire family roles - I'm Wonder Woman, duh), and he selected Green Lantern. Not the most popular superhero, but his choice nonetheless. Then I used the boys Halloween costumes to create a before & after type pic.

It turned out just the way I'd hoped.

As a throwback, here's how we announced #2 (AKA Wesley :).

I love this one too, but seeing how quickly Carter has grown makes my heart ache!

Now we wait another month to find out if it'll be a super little guy or a super little girl!