Design: Power Ranger Valentine Box

For Carter's upcoming class friendship party (AKA Valentine party), he requested a Red Power Ranger Valentine box. Last year, while making his requested Superman box, I made the mistake of only making a torso with no head. While he loved it, it took him some time to get over the fact that mama wouldn't be adding a head! This year I wasn't making that same mistake.

Power Ranger box supplies.

Power Ranger box supplies.

There really weren't a lot of examples on Pinterest, and I knew making a head would be tricky so I was a little nervous about coming up with a solution. One afternoon, as I watched the boys play with balloons (their favorite toy since both were babies) it dawned on me: a red balloon would be the PERFECT head solution!

I grabbed a few supplies from Target, though fortunately it didn't really take much. I lucked out to find a red box in the gift aisle, so I didn't even need to wrap a box with red wrapping paper. I also bought a big bag of red balloons, a white vinyl table cloth, gold tape, and more construction paper. I already had the x-acto knife, black & silver markers, glue, scissors, and empty toilet paper rolls.

The finished box along with our Red Power Ranger inspiration pic. 

In the end it took less than 2 hours to make and my son LOVED it! Sure, it's possible the head could get popped... but that's why I bought a big bag of balloons. So here's to a Happy Valentine's Day.