Design: Sweet Sweet Sylvia's Nursery

After working on Sylvia's nursery on and off for the last 2 months, I can comfortably say it's complete! I'll always make little tweaks, but overall the hard stuff is done. The best part: I did it all MYSELF (prego and all)!

Disclaimer: Chris did help with the furniture assembly, and the boys did help demolish the room numerous times, so I guess I can't say it was 100% me. But painting, wallpapering, trim work, decorating, hanging pictures and even curtains: those were all me. And Sylvie was along for the ride :)

I'm so happy to share Sylvia's bright & cheery room. It turned out just how I'd envisioned!

I tried to incorporate a lot of old with new in her room. For example, the little pink & white flowery dress hanging on the wall was what I wore home from the hospital many years ago. The blue & white flowery quilt hanging on the crib was made by my aunt Ann, the pink blanket in the baby rocking chair was made by my cousin's MIL (she's made blankets for all 3 of my babies and they adore them).

I made the Sylvia banner hanging above the changing table from an alphabet banner I found at Hobby Lobby (good thing none of the letters in her name repeat!), and then used colorful tassels to add more dimension to it on the wall.

As a comparison, here's a before shot of the room taken the very first time we walked through our home in May of 2011. When we moved in nearly 3 years ago, it was a dark green color and decorated for a high school boy. Ew.

Sylvia's room before we owned our home. 

Sylvia's room before we owned our home. 

While we left the room green for Wesley, I was never a big fan of it. We were just too busy with work, babies, and the many other home projects that took precedent when first moving in! Here's a pano shot of how it looked in early 2012.

Sylvie's room when it was Carter's nursery. 

Sylvie's room when it was Carter's nursery. 

We moved the boys in together earlier this year and they seriously love it. The tour of that room is here.

My next task? Waiting for little sister, who could arrive any day now!