Events: Sweet Caroline's Girly Baseball Themed Baby Shower

Earlier this month I had the privilege of throwing a baby shower for Andrea, one of my dearest friends who is expecting her second babe, and first little girl, in February.

Andie's always been a HUGE baseball fan (and she also happens to be married to a baseball coach), so as you can imagine baseball is a pretty big part of her adorable family's life. That's why I knew the shower needed to include a little baseball, along with some girly glitter & lace. Throw in a little "Sweet Caroline" (baby girl's name) and League of their Own and BAM! You've got a baby shower! :) 

I designed the invite in Adobe Illustrator and then uploaded it into to send the evite. I spent a lot of time researching the many evite options and ended up really liking this website. I especially liked that it let me design my own template and matching event website, send invitations super quickly, and view and track RSVPs. It also automatically sent attendees reminder emails as well as recap emails to me. 

To make the dessert table banner, I found a blank brown chipboard banner at Hobby Lobby, then printed "Sweet Caroline" on white card stock and cut around the letters. The best part of this project was adding the red glitter at the end! I also adapted the evite design to make a little League of Their Own  print - with a twist: "There's No Crying in Baseball. Well maybe sometimes." 

One of the other shower hostesses took care of the food and she did AMAZING! The baseball cake and cookies came from a local grocery store (Harter House), and they were so yummy. She made the tiny oreo truffles, and they were crazy good (thinking I need to follow up and get that recipe!). In addition to the many desserts, we had an entire table of quiches, crepes, numerous homemade breads AND a greek yogurt bar with fresh fruit. The spread was incredible! 

I was in charge of the punch, which I immediately got overwhelmed with when searching Pinterest. There were so many great looking recipes, but they all took a lot of time and ingredients. I needed it to be red, quick and good.

I ended up settling on one that was super simple, and was so good my husband kept sneaking in and stealing some. Ingredients: 1 gallon of Hawaiian punch, two 2-liters of 7-up and then a bunch of scoops of raspberry sorbet. Super easy but also seriously yum. It tasted even fancier out of the gold glitter champagne flutes I found at Target!

I made the fabric scrap banner through a tutorial I found on Pinterest (should've bookmarked it but forgot to). It was SUPER easy to make and only cost about $10 in supplies. Glitter cutlery and plates were not only super cute, they were also very thick and durable. Those, along with the baseball napkins, were from Amazon. 

For the centerpiece of the dining room table, which I forgot to snap a good picture of, I bought this baseball minky blanket from Mud Pie and laid it in the center of the table. Then I topped it with one of my husband's old ball gloves and a baseball. Since the table was packed with food and punch anyway, it was a simple - but super cute - space saving addition. 

Best of all: the guest of honor was happy and got a bunch of cute girly gifts. I'd say that means the shower was a success!