I designed my first fashion catalog for JCPenny as a 5 year old using only crayons, wide ruled paper and a few staples. While they never ended up publishing it, my mom thought it was pretty great.

I got my first camera in early elementary school. It wasn't just any camera though, it was the kind that required 110 film and a flash bulb for every. Single. Picture. 

I'd always wanted to try my hand at interior design, though  I knew pursuing a degree in this field would make it tough for me to find a job in Southwest Missouri. A few years after getting married, my husband and I fell in love with a 100 year old bungalow at first sight (in spite of it being completely overgrown with bushes and vine on the outside... and filled with spiders on the inside). This would be my perfect opportunity to gain serious interior design experience.

The house needed a new roof, siding, driveway, fence... and that was just on the outside. We spent 6 years of our lives completely gutting the entire inside and outside to transform it into our beautiful home.

Once we started a family, we quickly outgrew the 1600 square feet, so we made the tough decision to sell. We must've done something right though: we listed it on a Friday and received 4 offers by the following Monday. 

My entire life I've naturally been the creative one. The one giving interior design advice to her friends, snapping pictures of everyday life, picking out clothes for anyone and everyone who would let her. 

That's what drove me to earn my degree in marketing with a minor in art, to pursue a decade-long career in credit union marketing, and what keeps me excited every single day (as well as my incredible husband and our kiddos, of course). 

I love all aspects of design and think after you look around the site a little, you'll see that too. If you're looking for a little design assistance, contact me and we can chat. I'd love to help.